Rebekka Sæter is a norwegian choreographer, interdisciplinary artist and outdoor educator. 

She works in-between body, movement, place and narrative.   

Rebekka creates both solo and collaborative multi-art-form works together with other artists, places and beings;  an inquisitive and experiential ongoing dialogue looking at resonance, affect, contact and tensions. Her interest lies in critically questioning and unfolding historical and ongoing narratives that dwell and manifests themselves in humans and more-than-human places and beings in relation to topics like capitalism, conquest, power and ideas of belonging, dwelling and repair.  She currently works at Norwegian BioArt Arena, part of Vitenparken Science Center in Ås, Norway and for the Norwegian Zoological Society. 
In 2022 she received the Norwegian Dance Artist Association stipend for the interdisciplinary art project 'ghosting Glacier'. 
She has studied performance at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now Royal Scottish Conservatoire) and choreography at Dartington College of Arts and Centre for Dance Berlin.
She holds an MA in Transcultural European Outdoor Studies from University of Cumbria and trained as an outdoor educator at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.